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Insider for Oracle

Insider for Oracle 3.2.1

Insider is a real-time performance tuning solution for Oracle. It allows you to monitor all aspects of Oracle internal workings and presents this in a revolutionary and sleek user interface.

Insider is a next-generation tool that shows how your system is functioning in real-time all on a single screen. A picture is worth a thousand of words. A moving picture is worth a thousand of pictures. In a minute you may discover more about your application than you usually learn in a month...

Real-time monitoring


Insider is a real-time tool, meaning you detect the problems before they occur not after. Insider works by sampling your server's performance-related statistics at user-defined intervals and displaying them in real-time in an animation-like style that is easy to comp

rehend at a glance. Not only is it by far the fastest way to pinpoint a performance bottleneck, but it is also a good way to learn something about the performance patterns of your server.

True cross-platform solution

Insider's flexible architecture allows for collecting data from virtually anything you might be interested to monitor from database servers to custom applications on any operating system. Not only can it collect its data from any platform but Insider itself having been written in Java can be installed on the platform of your choice.

Top to bottom approach

Insider uses top to bottom approach to spot a performance bottleneck. You start on the Enterpise view that shows all of your servers along with the most vital performance characteristics, pick up one that has an alert and go to that server's overview. You can easily find out what component requires attention because an alert will be displayed next to it. By clicking on the alert pop-up you can get directly to the drilldown view that you can further analyze to pinpoint the problem.



Comprehensive analysis

Insider collects hundreds of performance metrics and throws around a more than 70 customizable alerts to draw the user's attention to the factors that negatively affect performance or availability of the system.
In addition to its real-time capabilities Insider features a rich set of drilldown views to cover all areas of performance diagnostics. From memory and storage to the current user activity and load you can analyze over a hundred different views to get a complete picture of your system health. You can also save and analyze a month worth of statistical information to compare your current performance against a baseline.



Easy to install, easy to learn

Unlike many tools on the market today Insider's installation is a breeze. No server or network components are used. No configuration files. No Oracle client software. No prerequisites. Just download and run. Insider is a pure client application and does not need any server-side components meaning that security and stability of your servers is not at risk!

Unique extensible user interface

Insider features a unique extensible user interface that not only shows problems when they occur but also where they occur. An alert in Insider is always displayed next to the component in trouble. Just click on the alert icon to find out what's wrong. Click once again to learn what that alerts means and how you can fix the problem



Interactivity and extensibility

Insider allows for two-way interactivity and extensibility. You can choose to display the information you need on the Insider screen such as used-defined alerts from any application or you can redirect Insider output to another application such as Oracle SQL Developer




Insider was designed with the performance in mind. Every effort has been taken to reduce its impact on the system it monitors. The monitored system resources are never used to perform any data processing activity. Your system is never asked for more than an absolute minimum of information required.
In addition to that Insider never modifies the environment it monitors. In fact the user accounts Insider uses can safely be configured with read-only access.

Oracle DataGuard support

Insider includes full support for Oracle DataGuard feature and displays relevant information about your hot standby database state and performance. Moreover it automatically discovers primary-standby relationships between databases as they are being entered.



Operating system support

In addition to collecting comprehensive Oracle statistics Insider also support some vital operating system information like CPU and memory data. A large number of operating systems are supported including major UNIX and Windows versions.



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